Will Fintech Usher in a New Era of Contract Management?

For the last few years now, blockchain technology has continuously disrupted the way companies do business, especially in the financial industry. More than just the foundation for cryptocurrency investments, however, blockchain technology has completely innovated everyday processes and the supply chain efficiency of businesses in nearly every industry.One such industry where blockchain and the distributed ledger is starting to make an impact is in legal services. New disruptive technologies are beginning to transform the way legal departments and law firms handle their business processes, and blockchain is becoming the new standard in contract management, efficiency, and uniformity

VDR Options When Raising Capital in a Digital Landscape

For aspiring entrepreneurs and startup companies, knowing how and when to raise capital for their businesses can be a challenging endeavor. This challenge only becomes compounded when you consider the dynamic digital landscape that all companies are required to navigate. Now more than ever, there is a growing need for companies to be able to provide secure and easily accessible information to their potential investors while minimizing lead-times through seamless virtual data exchanges.VDRs (Virtual Data Rooms) have been a popular choice for growing businesses when it comes to organizing and sharing documentation that helps support strategic investments. These document sharing systems provide a secure, centralized location to manage on-demand access of business reports, contracts, and agreements, and create a more productive environment when it comes to coordinating fundraising rounds and business acquisitions. However, when raising capital for their business, some may feel that taking the time to invest in and manage a VDR might be an unnecessary expense, especially considering the number of file exchange systems to choose from. While this may be the case, it's important to understand the difference between VDRs and other file-sharing programs and when a VDR makes the most sense for deployment.

The Future of Digital Banking: 5 Emerging Trends in 2018

If last year taught the financial industry anything, it’s that transitioning into a digital bank is no longer an option. As the first quarter of 2018 has come and gone, consumer expectations for a more seamless banking experience have continued to increase exponentially. Demand for innovation has led to financial institutions seeking out better solutions to digitize their offerings while optimizing their workflow. Several resolutions have already been made for the rest of the year, highlighting advancements in digital banking technology and expected areas of growth. Here are five emerging trends in 2018 that paint the future of online banking.

The 5 Most Common Cyberthreats and How to Avoid Them

As each year passes by, new advancements in technology continue to improve the way people run their businesses. However, these new advancements don’t come without their potential threats to system security. It’s expected that cybercrimes will result in the loss of $6 trillion annually by 2021. That’s an alarming figure that has led many business owners to educate themselves and their staff about potential incoming threats and how to protect themselves.