Secure Internet Gateway: Do you have your DNS server controlled and covered?

Modern-day working environments have changed significantly over the years, and the IT landscape has evolved along with them. Digital transformations have now necessitated the need for cloud technology adoption and the creation of mobile workforces, adding new layers of complexity when it comes to building, supporting, and securing critical business infrastructure. Adding to this complexity is the global concern behind the frequency and severity of modern-day cyber attacks, impacting 1 in 5 comp...

What is Auto-Containment?

We’ve all been there: You’re doing research online and download a new program onto your computer. Suddenly a pop-up on the bottom of your desktop informs you something may be wrong. The antivirus program you’re running has flagged the newly-downloaded file as something suspicious, and you’re left deciding whether to trust the source of the file or not. At this point, most people are left with one of two options: delete the file and move on, or roll the dice, run the program, and hope for the be...

Do Cyber Thieves Ever Get Caught? What's the Punishment?

We now live in a world where digital communication and technology has become a large and complex part of society. Almost everything we touch is now interconnected, and leaving some form of digital footprint behind is a virtual dead-certainty. An unfortunate side-effect of this digital dependency is that cyber-crime has become a huge problem, resulting in an estimated $600 billion in losses every year. A new business was hit with a ransomware attack every 14 seconds in 2019 . The number of ranso...

The 3 Top Cybersecurity Resolutions To Make in 2020

With another year nearly behind us, this holiday season is the perfect time to start considering next year’s resolutions. But while setting personal goals surrounding health, fitness, and self-improvement are admirable, they shouldn’t be the only considerations you make going into 2020. Two thousand nineteen proved to be yet another record-breaking year in cyber-related crimes, with the global cost of ransomware and data breaches reaching more than $2 billion. The most surprising fact surrounding...

How Diligent Can a CISO be at Protecting the Organization?

With cybersecurity playing such an essential role in modern-day business culture, many companies are sourcing highly specialized personnel to help keep their organizations secure. While departmental structures vary from company to company, many would agree a dedicated Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) provides the best bang for buck when establishing sustainable security practices now and in the future. But what exactly does a CISO do? More importantly, do have they have the necessary s...

7 Phishes You Don't Want This Holiday

Every year as we approach the holiday season, millions prepare to celebrate a popular Italian annual tradition: the Feast of Seven Fishes. But while most individuals look to this tradition, and the surrounding holidays, as a time for joy and celebration, others see it as an opportunity. Holiday seasons mark the time when cybercrime will be at the highest rate it’s been all year, as attackers take full advantage of the increase in online spending and overall network traffic. Each year, it’s crit..

How Secure is Your Network?

If the last five years have taught us anything, it’s that cybersecurity should always be a primary concern for every business. In 2017, ransomware damages cost businesses over $5 billion in losses, which was 15 times more than in 2015. That number is expected to rise to a staggering $20 billion by 2021, according to Cybercrime Magazine. But as apparent an issue that cybersecurity is, it’s surprising to find that not all businesses have taken the proper precautions to keep themselves protected.

What Is Threat Modeling?

Year after year, cybersecurity risks continue to be a growing concern for companies of all sizes. From system data breaches to debilitating denial-of-service attacks, malicious trends in cybercrime are forcing companies to take a much more proactive approach when managing their cybersecurity. On average, data breaches can remain undetected by a company for more than six months, not including the time to recover. In this time frame, irreparable damage can occur, leading to the loss of mission-cr

DoS, DDoS, and Zero-Day DDoS: What is the Difference?

Today’s modern businesses are heavily reliant on their ability to stay connected, both to internal mission-critical systems as well as external consumer-facing platforms. However, the necessity of operating in a multi-operational environment has left many businesses vulnerable to a popular form of a cyberattack – Denial-of-Service (DoS). Denial-of-Service attacks are designed to cripple an organization’s ability to keep its services running efficiently. And these web-based assaults have only in

Deciphering the Data Compliance Landscape in 2019

As modern organizations continue to move towards cloud-based infrastructures, business systems have evolved to support larger volumes of information sharing. Part of this evolution has been focused on creating higher efficiencies when accessing and collaborating on data, while other strides have been made to create strict regulations around how information is collected, shared, and protected. In the last year alone, various new developments in enterprise security have surfaced along with regula

The Ultimate Guide to HIPAA Compliance

In today’s modern landscape, there are few aspects of our personal lives that haven’t been digitized and shared in one form or another. In fact, digital information sharing has become an important part of our society, leading to the development of better quality products and services. However, as organizations collect greater amounts of personal information from their clients and user bases, the importance placed on how that information is regulated continues to grow. And this couldn’t be more

Protecting Your Business During the Rise of Ransomware

In today’s digital landscape, creating a sustainable business requires more than just maintaining healthy profit margins. Modern-day businesses are under siege by malicious forces using cyber extortion as their weapon of choice. The rise of ransomware attacks in recent years has left many business owners wondering if their company is next to be targeted and if they’re adequately prepared to deal with it. Luckily, there are proactive steps that every business owner can take to reduce the chance

What is Next-Gen Antivirus and Why Do I Need It?

For decades now, companies have relied on antivirus tools and solutions to help mitigate their cybersecurity risks. And there has been a good reason for this. Over the years, these antivirus programs have helped countless numbers of businesses protect their systems from malicious sources designed to compromise their data security. As new technology has developed over the years, so has the next generation of dangerous security threats. This has forced companies into looking at more advanced form

6 must-have cybersecurity tips for your organization

Regardless of the size of your organization, risks to your data are everywhere. Over the last several years, cybersecurity crimes have cost companies millions of dollars annually in destructive system damage and data corruption. Today’s modern businesses need to stay diligent as they effectively combat the latest online threats. Here are six must-have cybersecurity tips to keep your business protected.

From email to social media, what happens to data after you die?

Most of us maintain a sizeable online footprint of email accounts, social media profiles, data storage, and digital media licenses. Having unrestricted access to data is incredibly convenient, but most people don’t stop to consider, “What happens to data when you die?” To help you gain a better understanding of this concept, here’s a simple overview of digital asset management and how the death of an individual can impact it.

The Top 9 Network Security Threats of 2019

The last couple of years have seen some of the most frequent and severe cyber security attacks ever recorded against businesses in a variety of industries. As security professionals prepare for another record-breaking year of network breaches and data security risks, it is imperative that companies make themselves aware of the latest cyber threats in circulation to ensure their security countermeasures are up to par. While we can’t predict the emergence of new threats, here is a list of the top nine network security threats we expect in 2019 and how your enterprise can stay protected.

What is SOX Compliance and Its Impact on IT?

When running a successful business, it’s essential that due diligence is used to ensure regulatory compliance in all areas of the company. This has especially become the case over the last several years as waves of business scandals have led to strict legislation being enacted to compel companies to conduct their business activities lawfully. One such example of a legislative response to fraudulent business practices was the creation of SOX compliance regulations.
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